1matching.com is a Fraudulent Service of Kate Elbahey


Kate Elbahey (Катерина/Екатерина Эльбахей) from Kherson (Херсон) in Ukraine runs a fake matchmaking service on 1matchmaking.com since 2021. Kate Elbahey is well known for scamming and extorting male clients. She continiously alters her own name and the name of her businesses and websites in an attempt to cover her bad reputation.

The US company BEST-MATCHMAKING.LLC shown on Kate's website 1matchmaking.com is an inactive company. In 2020 I was caught by Kate's honey trap best-matchmaking.COM. Later, I got in contact with dozens others of Kate's victims and discovered a maze of lies and trickery. At my website best-matchmaking.ORG I documented more information and evidence about  Kate's fraudulent business practices. My personal journey to Ukraine and how I discovered Kate's fraud is documented on my personal blog yopa live.